BEACON CMP founded in 1973 has been in the forefront of the development of ingredients based upon oat derived technologies, and was the first company to introduce a colloidal oatmeal and then a water soluble hydrolyzed oat protein.


Oat protein provides natural superior skin and hair conditioning properties that are documented over thousands of years.

A bibliography on oatmeal properties, including a classification as “US category I over the counter skin protectant”, and the “USP XXIV official monograph” is available upon request.


Products Description Applications
Tech-O#11-094 PAS certified organic colloïdal oatmeal. Cosmetic products, dermatology,skin care and
baby care
Colloidal oatmeal / soothing effect
helpful in relieving irritation and redness
excellent anti-pruritic agent
Cosmetic products, dermatology,skin care and
baby care
Water soluble hydrolyzed oat protein in solution, substantive and conditioning effects, source of whole natural vegetable protein, film-forming properties. Cosmetic products, mascaras, personal and hair care lotions.
Tech-O#6-070L Oat beta glucan / film-forming agent Personal care, after sun products
Tech-O#12-060 Oat starch, talc replacement in powder products Pressed powders, make-up
Tech-O#12-000 Coarse particle grade of colloidal oat flour Syndet bar, scrub
Colourless oat extracts in solution
Oat’s properties
Cosmetic and hair care products

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