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Depuis 1989, la division « Speciality Chemicals » de la société Taiwanaise EVERLIGHT propose toute une gamme d’absorbeurs UV. Grâce à une grande capacité de développement, EVERLIGHT propose des produits à base de benzophénone, benzotriazole et HALS.



UV Stabilizers

Products Description Applications
Eversorb 12 Benzophenone type Recommended for the protection of plastics
Eversorb 72
Eversorb 74
Eversorb 76
Eversorb 80
Benzotriazole type Recommended for all types of coatings, wood varnishes or coil coating and plastics
Eversorb 60
Eversorb 93
Eversorb 95
HALS type Recommended for powder coating, refinishing coating and wood varnishes
Eversorb 83
Eversorb 84-85
Blend of UV absorber and HALS  
Eversorb AQ1
Eversorb AQ2
Eversorb AQ3
Eversorb AQ4
Eversorb AQ5
Eversorb AQ6
Eversorb AQ7
Performance products Product line specifically developped for water based systems
Eversorb EP4
Eversorb EP5
Performance products Product line specifically developped for solvent based and water based epoxy systems

Some other references are also available depending on the use and the effect you are looking for.


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