ActivitiesAir and gas purification

Molecular Ltd

MOLECULAR PRODUCTS specialises in the manufacturing of chemical absorbents, adsorbents and catalysts. They are committed to bringing you the best quality and value, with the ability to respond to individual customers' requirements on time.


The MOLECULAR products:

Products Description Applications
Sofnolime Soda lime Removal of carbon dioxide and other acid gases in diving apparatus, submarines, safety equipment and industrial gas production
Moleculite Transition metal catalyst Removal of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and VOCs by oxidation, destruction of ethylene oxide and ozone
Chemsorb Non-impregnated or impregnated activated carbons, from coconut shell and coal, in various physical forms Air filtration equipment manufacturers and users, manufacturers of respiratory protection equipment,
military (NBC filtration applications), catalyst producers
Sofnocat Highly active precious
metal catalysts based
on Pt and Pd
Oxidation of carbon monoxide, hydrogen at ambient temperatures
Oxygen Candle Solid state oxygen generator Emergency oxygen source, replenishment of oxygen in closed-circuit environments

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