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Ravago Chemicals Spain

Ravago Chemicals Spain is a Spanish Group specialised in raw materials supply to the chemical indutrie. In August 1992 Ravago bought a sulfonation plant in Ballastro, and since then, propose to its customers a full range of surfactants dedicated to the home care and cosmetic industrie.

Range of surfactants from Ravago Chemicamls Spain

Easycol ES70 SLES at 70% Any foaming formulation. Ecocertifiable.
Easycol ES27PF SLES at 27%, pH stabilised Any foaming formulation. Ecocertifiable.
Easycol ES27SF salt free SLES at 27%  
Easycol ES27M SLES at 27%, MIT preserved  
Easycol LDB95 LABSA
available under standard, AL or H version.
Dish-washing liquid. Detergent.
Nosburonic AP30 Cocamidopropyl betaine 34-36% Foaming product, soap.
Nosburonic AP50 Cocamidopropyl betaine 41-43% Foaming product, soap.
Nosburamid CD Coprah Diethanolamide Any home care products.

Ravago Chemicals Spain propose as well a full range of surfactant miwes based on cetylic alcohol or cetearylic alcohol.


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