Brilliant specialises in the development and manufacturing of fluorescent pigments. Key members of the team have been leaders in this field since the 1980s.

Brilliant offer a wide range of high quality fluorescent pigments

Series Description Usage
BGP Series general purpose pigments for aqueous systems and low polarity solvents paints, inks, etc..
BSR Series Solvent resistant grade for more polar systems paints, aerosols, inks, etc...
BMS Series Thermoset microsphères, non-swelling, non-migrating plastics, plastisols
BNF Series Formaldéhyde free grades Paints, inks, plastisols, textiles...
BWD Series Fluorescent water dispersions water-based paints and inks
BVC Series Liquid vinyl colorant traffic cones
BIBX Series Paste ink concentrate conventional lithography
BIB2 Series Ink base compatible with UV systems UV inks and EPDM rollers

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