Luengo Color

Since 2004, Luengo Color has been developing and producing pigment preparations under liquid and powder forms.

Reactive and flexible, Luengo Color adapts its products and services to customer needs.

Pigment dispersions from Luengo Color

Products Applications
Luengonyl Ecolabel compliant pigment dispersions for water-based coatings,
Binder and solvent free.
Luengoprint Water-based pigment dispersions for inks, textile and leather,
Different formulations according to the application.
Lucarex Universal pigment dispersions for exterior coatings, cements, mortars.
Industrial Solvent based pigment dispersions.
Industrial Epoxy Solvent free pigment dispersions in epoxy resin for 100% solid formulations.

Luengofine Univertint
Luengofine Industrial
Ultrafine pigment dispersions:
For water-based applications,
For universal formulations,
For solvent-based applications.
Luengopol Pigment dispersions in polyol for flooring, adhesives and sealants.
Geltop Pigment dispersions in non-reactive polyester resin for gelcoat.

Pigment pastes for water-based tinting systems
Decorative pigment préparations formulated on universal basis.
Luengopearl Pearlescent pigments under powder form or dispersed in water.
Agronyl/Agroseed Pigment préparations for fertilizers,
Under powder or liquid forms either in water or oil.

Luengo Color also offers organic and inorganic pigments, as well as dyes for household products.

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