Arkema - Micronised waxes

Micronised waxes and wax dispersions

The waxes are used in various coatings, in which they give properties such as:
• Slip, mar, rub, scratch and abrasion resistance,
• Matting effect,
• anti-settlement and improved dispersion.

Our long experience in this field will allow us to provide you with the best product which will fit your application.

These waxes are also available in water, isopropanol, butyl acetate and butyl glycol.


Micronised waxes

Products Description Applications
Crayvallac WN 1135, WN1535 Micronised polyethylene<br />wax Matting agent for wood, powder, leather and general industrial coatings. Improves slip and anti-blocking, rub and water resistance in printing inks and coatings
Crayvallac WN 1495, <br />WN 2950,<br /> WN 3025 Micronised polyethylene<br />waxes Economical waxes improving rub and mar resistance and slip properties.For coil and can-coating, printing inks and overprint varnishes
Crayvallac WF 3200,<br />WF 6010, WF 9200,<br />WF 9710 Micronised PE/PTFE<br />waxes Highly cost effective waxes. High lubricity and exceptional resistance to solvents, abrasion, mar resistance and surface hardness
Crayvallac WF 1000 100% PTFE micronised<br />wax PTFE wax for the lowest coefficient of friction. Can be used alone or in combination with other waxes to control abrasion, rub, mar and temperature resistance
Crayvallac WN 1265 Modified amide wax Improves sandability in wood finishes. Avoids blooming in acid cured systems
Crayvallac Flow 100, <br />Flow 200, Flow 450 Polyester based additive Improves flow and levelling, enhances substrate wetting and avoids film surface defects for all types of coatings: wood, ink, can coating...
Crayvallac A2678M acrylic based additive Improves flow and levelling, enhances subtsrate wetting and avoids film surface defects in any kind of water-based coating.

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