Since 1989, the "Specialty Chemicals" division of the Taiwanese Company EVERLIGHT offers a whole range of UV absorbers. Thanks to a great development capacity, EVERLIGHT offers products based on benzophenone, benzotriazole, triazine and HALS.

Everlight also provides a range of anti-oxidants for the adhesives and plastics industry.



UV Stabilizers

Products Description Applications
Eversorb 11<br /><br />Eversorb 12 Benzophenone type Recommended for the protection of gelcoats and unsaturated polyester resin.<br />Recommended for the protection of plastics
Eversorb 72<br />Eversorb 74<br />Eversorb 76<br />Eversorb 80 Benzotriazole type Recommended for all types of coatings, wood varnishes or coil coating and plastics
Eversorb 40 / 40S<br />Eversorb 45 Triazine type Recommended for high performance powder or liquid coatings.
Eversorb 60<br />Eversorb 93<br />Eversorb 95 HALS type Recommended for powder coating, refinishing coating and wood varnishes
Eversorb 83<br />Eversorb 84-85 Blend of UV absorber and HALS
Eversorb AQ1<br />Eversorb AQ2<br />Eversorb AQ3<br />Eversorb AQ4<br />Eversorb AQ5<br />Eversorb AQ6<br />Eversorb AQ7<br />Eversorb AQ8<br />Eversorb AQ9 Performance products Product line specifically developped for water based systems
Eversorb EP4<br />Eversorb EP5S Performance products Product line specifically developped for solvent based and water based epoxy systems
Eversorb AS1 Performance products Product specifically developped for polyaspartic resin.


Products Description Applications
EVERAOX 101<br /><br />EVERAOX 1010<br /><br />EVERAOX 1076P Hindered Phenolic type Recommended for any PU based adhésives or plastics.<br />Recommended for any type of adhesives or plastics.<br />Recommended for PC, PA and polyolefin.
EVERAOX 168 Phosphite type Recommended for any types of plastics.
EVERAOX 501 Performance product Phenol free antioxidant recommended for any type of PU based adhésives or plastics.
Produits Description Applications


Base phénolique Antioxydant multifonctionnel pour PU. Utilisable en plastique comme en adhésif.
Recommandé pour tout type de plastique et adhésif.
Recommandé principalement pour les plastiques de type PC, PA, polyoléfine.
EVERAOX 168 Base phosphite Recommandé pour tout type de plastique.
EVERAOX 501 Produit de performance Antioxydant haute performance sans phénol pour tout type de produit à base de PU.

Further references are available depending on the use and effect you are looking for.


Everlight also offers the Evertint range, reactive polymeric colorants, specially developed for use in polyurethane-based formulations, such as foam, elastomers, adhesives and synthetic leather. This range provides higher color strength as well as better compatibility and stability compared to traditional pigment pastes.

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