Founded in 1951, SCHWEGMANN specialises in the production of additives
which can satisfy any of your requirements in terms of anti-sedimentation, wetting and
dispersion of pigments, defoaming, etc. …

To make the right choice in the full range of additives from SCHWEGMANN, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Free of V.O.C additives for water based applications are now available.


Products Description Applications
Gel prevent Multifunctional additive Improves the stability of the viscosity, anti-floating and anti-skinning agent, regenerates thickened batches…<br />A new grade free of ketoximes and aromates is available
Schwego Wett / Wett Agent Dispersing agents Large range for solvent or water based systems, universal pigment pastes, high solid systems
Schwego Fluor / Schwego Flow Wetting agents Improve substrate wetting, flow and levelling
Schwego Mar Slip additives Improve surface properties of paints and coatings, such as mar, rub, scratch resistance
Blister Free / Schwego Foam Defoamers, degazing agents Efficient in wide range of applications : air drying/UV curing, applied by brush, roll or spray, for thin or thick film coatings
Schwego Pur Thickeners PU thickeners for aqueous paints, sealants and fillers
Korrodur<br />Schwego Corrit Paint additive against residual dust React with residual rust and convert it to an inactive iron tannate. For solvent based and water based systems

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