S.F.T offers a wide range of filters of different textures and shapes in order to meet the production’s requirements.


Filters of different textures and shapes:

Products Applications
Monofilament and needle felt textile Available in several mesh sizes, from 1µ to 2 000 µ, on PA, PP, or Polyester depending on the required chemical resistance
Filter bags Delivered with ribbon or ring, bags are available in many sizes and forms, PA or PE.<br />They are easy to use, and have a long shelf life
Filter inserts Used when bags have insufficient filtration area, or when the use of sieves is not economical
Former filters In paper or monofilament, they are ideal for laboratory use
Bag filters A large range of filters with lateral or top feeding. Built in steel. Several sizes available
Filter cartridges Corrugated like spiral, impregnated melamine or phenolic resins or other possibilities.<br />Excellent chemical resistance
Cartridge filters In plastic or stainless steel, they are easily set up in line.<br />They offer an excellent value for money

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