FCC offers an extensive range of clay products for use as rheology modifiers in both water and solvent based systems, in a wide range of applications: paints, inks, greases, household and agrochemicals products...

Rheological additives for water-based systems

Products Description
SUPBENT MP / MPS Synthetic layered silicates, produce highly shear thinning, thixotropic and clear gels. Excellent suspension and syneresis control. For paints, textured coatings, multicolour paint…
SUPBENT HV / LV / WT / LT / AP-Plus Natural clays with or without organic modification<br />Thixotropic gels. <br />Excellent suspension and viscosity control agents. For coatings, thick films, fillers ..
SUPBENT LT602 / CE / CH / AP<br />MP2000 / MP2500 Rheological additives for building applications

Rheological additives for solvent based systems

Products Description
FRGEL HMP100 Excellent rheological additive for systems such as unsaturated polyester, epoxy and vinyl ester, High Solid systems.<br />Excellent anti-sagging effect, filler suspension, very easy to disperse, shear stability,
FRGEL 40 / 125 / 150 / 155<br />FRGEL 170 / 200<br />FRGEL EZ / EZ100 / MP100<br />FRGEL 250 Organoclays for aliphatic and low-aromatic systems.<br />For coatings, inks, greases, household products...
FRGEL MPZ / MPA<br />FRGEL UP<br />FRGEL 250 / 290<br /> Organoclays for aromatic and polar systems.<br />For coatings, inks, gerases, household products...

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